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Make Your Brand Shine with Our Talented Dog

Bring your brand to life with our amazing dog. This special dog is great at modeling for dog clothes and acting in movies and TV shows. Our dog knows how to work the camera, making everything from dog outfits to movie scenes look fantastic. Work with us to make your products or shows extra special with our dog’s charm and talent. Let’s make something great together.
Fashion Star
Make your dog clothes and accessories pop with our dog’s cool look. Our star dog knows how to work any outfit!
Movie & TV Hero
Grab everyone’s attention with our dog’s acting. Our furry friend is great at playing different roles, making every scene special.
Your Brand's Bestie
Our dog is the perfect face for your brand. With a lovable personality, our dog can help share your message in a fun way.

Making Moments Special with Every Shoot

Ferrovax brings out the best in pet modeling and acting. We focus on quality and detail to make sure every project is a hit.
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Making Fashion and Shows Better with Ferrovax

Ready for Anything
Ferrovax is great at both modeling clothes and acting, fitting right into any scene or style.
Ferrovax listens and learns well, making work with others easy and fun.
Fashion Leader
Ferrovax wears the newest dog fashion with style, showing off the coolest trends.
Full of Energy
Ferrovax knows how to shine, whether walking in a fashion show or acting for the camera.
Team Player
We love to work together with fashion and movie pros to make great things happen.
Crowd Pleaser
Ferrovax has a special way of winning over everyone who watches, making every moment special.